Large Format Printing – Columbus, Ohio | American Colorscans, Inc.

Our Legacy:

ACS is a legacy prepress company with over 30 years in the industry. In an effort to keep driving our innovation, ACS was an early adopter of wide format printing. As the industry continued to evolve, so did we, moving beyond digital printing and adopting screenprint technology.

Our vision for the future sees us continuing on the path of early adopter, always seeking new dimension solutions driven by understanding and expertise in digital technology and creative ideas.

Our Community:

As a second-generation owner in the graphic communications industry, Bruce Westfall continues the family tradition as an early adopter of new technology and active participant in the local Columbus region. With multiple businesses in the Columbus, Ohio area, he continues to give back to his community; he is currently serving as the President of the Newark Ice Hockey association.

“ACS has continued to evolve to meet the need of our customers as technology has evolved. Yesterday was about inkjet technology. The future for ACS is about dimensional and 3D printing capabilities. I am excited every day about being able to support our customers’ projects.” ~ Bruce Westfall